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Children may be registered from birth.


Waiting List

  • Parents may state their preference for a morning or afternoon place on their Application Form, which will be offered on a first come first served basis.
  • Children are expected to attend either 5 morning sessions (8.45am to 11.45am) or 5 afternoon sessions (12.30pm to 3.30pm).
  • We may be able to offer some additional full-time places (8.45am to 3.30pm). These will be considered on parent’s needs: i.e. work/college commitments, and then on a first come first served policy.
  • Payment for 5 half day sessions will be met by the child’s grant entitlement. Additional sessions or lunch clubs will be paid by the parents.


Acknowledgement of Receipt of Registration

Forms are dated and numbered as they are submitted. Parents will be issued with a receipt to verify the date of their application and the number their child appears on the waiting list.



  • The majority of places are available in September following the child’s second birthday, for one academic year. Parents of these children will be offered a place by letter.  A January intake may be an option depending on numbers. Therefore if your child’s birthday falls between September and December you may be offered the option of an early place.
  •  In some cases it may be appropriate for a child to remain in Playgroup for a further period. Such cases are discussed and agreed with the parents.

  • Parents who are in receipt of certain benefits are able to apply for free early education for their two year old child.  Eligible children are funded to attend Playgroup for 15 hours a week for the 38 weeks in an academic year.


Priority Admissions

Children with special needs may be admitted to Playgroup/Nursery School in preference to children ahead of them on the waiting list. A priority form can be obtained from the Office to be filled in by an official agency involved with the child and family (e.g. doctor, health visitor, social worker etc.) If you feel that your child has special needs or there are particular family circumstances, give details on your application. Information given this way is treated confidentially.



  • Parents are informed of the place available during May/June before the September intake. Other places are offered as they become available.
  • A time is arranged for parents and children to visit the Playgroup/Nursery to familiarise the family with staff and routine.
  • An appointment is arranged for the member of staff who will be responsible for settling the child to visit the family at home. We consider this to be very important when the child is in familiar surroundings and queries and anxieties can be discussed in privacy.
  • Admission is staggered at the beginning of each term. The parent/carer is asked to stay with the child for all of the first session. Staff then use their discretion when requesting that the parent/carer leaves for short periods of time, gradually building up to the child staying for the full session on his/her own.
  • Each child is an individual and if necessary an individual programme for settling in will be discussed.


Prolonged Absence

Places are expected to be utilised fully and if a child is absent the Playgroup/Nursery should be notified. In cases of frequent or prolonged absence the Head Teacher will contact the family. If the place cannot be utilised fully it may be allocated to another child on the waiting list.


Application Form

Click the link here for pdf version, this can be printed or downloaded, please fill in and return to the office.
Admission Form

If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to call the office and we’ll be happy to help on 01604 642118.

“I’m so impressed and proud of my child’s progress here in Playgroup. Her confidence has come on leaps and bounds since starting in Playgroup”

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